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Networking & Security

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Commonly Serviced Networking Infrastructures

VPN Site to Site

Great way to share information between multiple locations on a secure and private network. Great for businesses with multiple locations to print shared files as if they were in the same building.

Satellite Point to Point

A more powerful way of sharing data with a range of over 25 miles from one location to another, but limited because of its clear sight path requirements. Point to Point is a great way to save on internet costs and does provide better file transfer speeds compared to most standard internet services though.

Public and Private WiFi & Network Isolation

Keep your network safe from viruses and hackers while still providing your guests with internet access.

Network Security & Firewalls

A required application for the world we live in today. Throughout the day your business is being attacked by hackers throughout the world and, unfortunately, most equipment isn’t capable of blocking these attempts or notifying you once they occur. Network security measures and firewalls help keep your business safe from intentional sabotage which could cripple your business.

Data Routing & Redundancy

Optimizing your network against internet failure and worse case scenarios to prevent downtime. We offer redundant internet services with 4G connectivity capabilities when your internet fails to make sure your business remains up and going.

Network Intrusion Testing

We’ll help you determine how secure your network truly is and devise a plan to fix any holes in your network security.

Network Security Services

Advanced Malware Protection

Malware and virus detection, prevention, and protection.

Policy and Access

Maintain your company’s user security through active directory and domain authentication.

Email Security

Manage and maintain exchange servers and spam filing software

Web Security

Real time defense preventing hackers from exploiting your website and using it as a means to infect other users with viruses. Having web security protocols in place also eliminates the chances of Google and other search engines from flagging your domain as unsafe.

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