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There’s no excuse for taking chances with your business’ security. All camera systems and security systems are NOT created equal. Having an improperly wired security camera system or a poor quality camera system is just as bad as having no system at all. A custom tailored security camera system can help protect you and your business from crime, theft, safety violations, time clock discrepancies and more. Hammer Solutions Inc. can set your company or organization up with new security cameras, or properly re-wire existing surveillance systems. We can help identify blind spots and make recommendations for the most effective camera placement. Our surveillance experts provide free on-site consultations and no obligation turn-key estimates.

What makes our product better?

Image Quality

This is one of the most important aspects of your camera system. So many other installers worry about making a good sale vs actually keeping you protected. Most of our competitors install cameras between 1MP to 2MP. There is a good chance your old flip phone had a better camera than that! Our common installs use 12MP cameras. This resolution is very important. In the diagram above, you can clearly see the resolution difference between the commonly used resolutions and what a good quality 12MP camera provides. The text in the 1MP and 2MP is very hard to read meaning license plates, fast actions and faces will be hard to see using those resolutions as well. After all, text is much easier to read than a face or a license plate with a reflection at night. What good is a camera system if you get to watch the person stealing your property, but aren’t able to identify them?



Records and/or Alerts your mobile only when motion is detected to save recording space.

Face Detection

Much like motion detection, but only triggers when a face is detected.

Line Crossing

Only triggers when a virtual line is crossed. For example, when someone enters your driveway it will trigger instead of triggering when someone is just driving down the road.

Intrusion Detection

Triggers when something enters a virtual shape. Imagine you were wanting to record just a few seconds before and during when someone takes the football into the end zone.

Object Removal

 Lets you know if something has gone missing from its’ usual spot.


Great to let you know if people are hanging out on your property after hours.

Unattended Baggage

 Triggers if a bag is left in a zone where it shouldn’t be. Commonly used in airports, malls, and other high traffic areas where a left bag would be hard to monitor by a human.

License Plate

This feature searches and stores license plates in an easy to search database.

Person Counting

 Lets you monitor how many people have entered and exited during a given time period. Great for safety needs, monitoring shop traffic on sales, and making sure everyone has left the property at the end of the day.


All of the above features can be controlled by a schedule and with the mobile application, it makes it easy to get alarms for the trigger(s) you set, alerting you with a recording to review.

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