Hammer Solutions Fort Smith Virus Protection

A Computer Virus is Serious Business

Viruses come in a variety of types
and can affect computers in a multitude of ways.

Some of the most common signs your computer is infected with a virus or spyware include:

  • Crashing
  • Slow Boot Up
  • No or Slow Response
  • Missing Files
  • Unusual Error Messages
  • Pop-Ups On Your Operating Software and/or Online

Left untreated, a virus can wreak havoc on your entire company. Businesses that become infected could be out thousands of dollars, weeks or even months of downtime, and could even face legal ramifications from clients. Emails, software databases, tax documents, business and client information, and even credit card information can all fall victim to viruses and spyware.

Hammer Solutions Inc. uses only the best when it comes to protecting your computer and your identity. Our Antivirus Software effectively combines several detection methods to neutralize a broad range of malware, including emerging variants. Our virus protection offers high detection rates with low false positives and offers the following protection: Antivirus, Anti-Theft, Anti-Phishing, Social Media Scanner, Firewall, Anti-spyware, Parental Control, Security Training, Down Time Prevention and more.

Even the most secure sites can be compromised and no virus protection is ever guaranteed to protect against every virus attack, but doing nothing to protect your company is the worst thing you could do. Because of this, taking extra measures to backup and protect your data is always highly recommended.  A few dollars a month could save you and your company thousands.

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