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Hosting Services

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IMAP/Pop Email Hosting

Have your company’s emails addresses securely maintained while using your domain name for a professional appearance. Email is often the first and primary method used to communicate, so be sure you are using a provider that you can trust.

Remote App/Terminal Services Hosting

Have a program or application you need to access outside your network? Let us keep you connected with our safe and secure remote services hosting.


Exchange Email Hosting

Database Server Hosting

Let our database servers handle the stress of your programs behind the scenes processes to keep your applications running smoothly and efficiently.

VOIP and PBX Phone Hosting

File Server Hosting

Keep your important data centralized and secure in a protected and monitored environment.

Domain and Website Hosting

Why Choose Hammer Solutions for Hosting?


We host on our servers so you don’t have to worry about large up-front costs or expensive maintenance and upgrades.


We monitor your hosting so you don’t have to. We boast 99.9% uptime and are notified immediately if your website encounters any sort of problems including hack attempts, viruses, or outages. If something does goes wrong, you can have peace-of-mind in knowing we’ve been notified and it’s already taken care of.


Security.  We understand that having down services can cost your company big. We implement several methods to help keep your data safe and backed up.


We’re local. If you need assistance, day or night, you can speak directly with a live person here in our Fort Smith office.


We do it all. We offer a variety of services to fit the needs of an even larger variety of customer. All your hosting can be done in one place rather than having to jump from one host provider to another to fit your business needs.


No storage limits. You wouldn’t want to put a cap on your company and neither do we. We provide hosting for a variety of applications to fit you as your business grows. Add, adjust, or move services at any time.

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