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Phone Systems

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Option A

36 Month Lease on Phone System with Monthly Hosting
– No money due upfront
– Option to continue service after lease term for the same monthly hosting fee

Option B

Purchase Phones with Monthly Hosting
– Some money due upfront for cost of phones
– Phones are owned by client
– Only pay monthly cost for PBX hosting
– Cheaper monthly hosting bill

Option C

Upfront Purchase of Phones and PBX Device
– Phone system is purchased and owned by client
– No monthly hosting bill

Phone System Features


You will have access to an easy to navigate, high-capacity voicemail system.

Conference Call

This feature allows multiple callers to talk at the same time.

VoiceMail to Email

You can send voicemails directly to your inbox for easy access on the go.

Auto Attendant

You can have calls answered automatically and routed based on the selection they choose.

Automatic Call Distributor

This feature allows calls to be routed into a queue, like a call center.

Call Transfer

This allows you to easily pass the call to someone else.

Attendant Console

The Operator/Receptionist can easily transfer calls.

Automatic Ring Back

This will keep checking to see if the person if off the phone.

Call Accounting

You are able to pull reports on call volume, wait time, call cost, etc.

Call Quality Recordings

All calls are automatically recorded for quality control.

Call Blocking

You have the ability to block certain numbers from calling in or being called.

Call Forwarding on Busy/Absent

Your phone can be automatically transferred to a secretary, team member, or voicemail while you are out of the office or busy.

Call Park

This allows you to put a caller on hold.

Shared Message Boxes

You can share a voicemail box between a department or group.

Customized Hold Music

You can pick any hold music you would like.

Auto Dialing

This is used for telemarketing.

Call Waiting

You are able to know when someone else is calling.


This is similar to call transfer, and it does allow the call to ring back to you if no one answers.

Custom Greetings

This is a greeting that can be completely customized for when someone calls your phone.

Speed Dialing

This feature allows you to program certain extensions or phone numbers so that you have one touch dialing.

Do Not Disturb

DND lets co-workers know when you’re unavailable.


This is also known as Find Me: Determines the routing of calls.  When a call is received for a person, the exchange routes it to each number on the list until either the call is answered or the list is exhausted; at which point, the call can be routed to a voicemail.

Night Service

You can change incoming routes to ring to a night crew or answering service.

Public Address Voice Paging

This feature is for an Intercom System.


You can take your phone home and get your calls there.


Allows you to dial directly to an extension even if you are at different locations.

About This Service

Monthly fees depend on dial tone provider.
COX—1 line for approximately $36/month
Hammer Solutions—1 line for $20/month*

*Requires Static IP and pre-approved business size router

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