2-Line 3-Way Conferencing IP Phone Hammer Solutions Inc
8 Speed Dial 4-Way Conferencing IP Phone Hammer Solutions Inc
5-Way Conferencing IP Phone with Extension Pad Hammer Solutions Inc Fort Smith Arkansas

Phone System Purchase Options


36 Month Lease on Phone System with Monthly Hosting
– No money due upfront
– Option to continue service after lease term for the same monthly hosting fee


Purchase Phones with Monthly Hosting
– Some money due upfront for cost of phones
– Phones are owned by client
– Only pay monthly cost for PBX hosting
– Cheaper monthly hosting bill


Upfront Purchase of Phones and PBX Device
– Phone system is purchased and owned by client
– No monthly hosting bill

Monthly fees depend on dial tone provider.
COX—1 line for approximately $36/month
Hammer Solutions—1 line for $20/month*

*Requires Static IP and pre-approved business size router

Phone System Features

  • Voice Mail
  • Conference Call – Allows multiple callers to talk at the same time
  • Voice Mail to Email – Send voice mails directly to your inbox
  • Auto Attendant – Press 1 for…
  • Automatic Call Distributor – Call center
  • Call Transfer – Pass the call to someone else
  • Attendant Console – Allows the Operator/Receptionist to easily transfer calls
  • Automatic Ring Back – Keeps checking to see if the person is off the phone
  • Call Accounting – Reports on call volume, wait time, call cost, etc.
  • Call Quality Recordings – Automatically records calls for quality control
  • Call Blocking – Block certain numbers from calling in or being called
  • Call Forwarding on Busy/Absent – Transfer to a secretary, team member or voice mail
  • Call Park – Put a caller on hold
  • Shared Message Boxes – Share a voice mail box between a department or group
  • Customized Hold Music – You can pick
  • Auto Dialing – Telemarketing
  • Call Waiting – Know when someone else is calling
  • Camp-On – Similar to call transfer, does allow the call to ring back to you in no one answers
  • Custom Greetings – Thank you for calling…
  • Speed Dialing
  • Do Not Disturb – DND let’s coworkers know when you’re unavailable
  • Follow-Me – Also known as Find Me: Determines the routing of calls. When a call is received for a person, the exchange routes it to each number on the list until either the call is answered or the list is exhausted at which point the call can be routed to a voice mail
  • Night Service – Change incoming routes to ring to a night crew or answer service
  • Public Address Voice Paging – Intercom system
  • Portable – Take your phone home and get your calls there
  • Multi-Site – Extension dialing to off-site locations