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We understand the burden of providing security to your employees and protecting your assets. Having no security system or getting the wrong security system puts you at risk for losing something that can’t be replaced. Having an access system that hasn’t been properly installed by a licensed and insured professional could even put you at risk for a lawsuit.

Our access systems can be used for doors, cabinets, gate access and more. We offer no-obligation, turnkey estimates on complete system installations or existing system updates. Hammer Solutions is trained, licensed and insured. Our systems are scale-able and customizable for companies with one door to hundreds of doors and even multiple locations.

Features Include:

In and Out Tracking

Get notified when customers, vendors, or employees enter or exit.


Allow employees to enter only at specific times/days for each door, and set doors to automatically lock up during certain hours to prevent unwanted visitors from wandering in.

For rooms requiring more than one authorized person to enter, your system can be setup to require authentication of 2+ people from a special list before unlocking.

No one at the office to accept a delivery? No problem! Buzz them in directly from your phone, no matter where you are.


Time and Attendance

Know with certainty what time employees arrive and leave. Fingerprint scanning and bio metrics ensure time cards are never falsified.


Choose from a variety of programs and schedules all of which integrate with existing computers, servers, phones, and even camera systems.

Custom Build A System That Works For You


Choose Your System

– Standalone System – Best for less frequently used, single doors

– Multi-Door System – Software based, allows you to track customers and employees as they come and go for hundreds of doors and multiple locations.


Choose Your Access

– ID Card
– Keypad
– Bio Metric Fingerprint Scanner
– Face Recognition
– Cell Phone


Choose Your Lock

– Mag Lock
– Striker Style
– Pin Lock
– Latch Lock
– Gate Lift
– Gate Slider
and more!

About This Service

Manage your door access system from your computer, your phone, or even a server depending on the specifics of your needs.

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Security License CMPY.0002676.
Certificate of Liability Insurance available upon request.

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