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Structured Cabling

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Basic RG6 and RG59 shielded and unshielded, most commonly used for TV, Cable Modems, and long distance data runs in excess of 500 feet. Coaxial speed capacity is comparable to single strand optic with a much cheaper installation cost.

Cat5, Cat5E

Dated network standard for computers and electronic devices. Still accepted within the industry but not recommended because a better standard exists.

Cat6, Cat6A

Greater network strength, improved shielding, thicker cable gauge, and higher quality metal allow for greater network speed that Cat5 and Cat5E cable. Cat6 and Cat6A are the most viable cable for the future with increased durability and rigidity which reduces potential points of failure for your business. Overall, this type of cable offers improved data transfer speed with less interference.

Fiber Optic

Optimal network infrastructure typically used for servers and multi-floor complexes. Offers the greatest data transfer rate and distance than any other media connection that exists today.

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We service a wide range of businesses for wiring including Small Businesses, Hotels, Banks, Internet Service Providers, Government Agencies, Retail Stores and Warehouses to name just a few. Hammer Solutions can wire any of the above mentioned cable types in both existing structures and new construction. Each wiring job is tested and certified by one of our skilled wiring technicians and completed to your exact specifications with the future growth of your company in mind.

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